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Hailing from Western Australia, Matt's first musical influences stemmed from his father's passion with the bluegrass banjo and collection of Matt Taylor (Chain) records. After experimenting with the banjo, harmonica, and ukulele, Matt was introduced (at the tender age of nine) to the awesome sounds of the "Lowery" organ. The rest is history.

At age 10, he got his first horn, and alto saxophone, and the passionate love affair continued. After several years classical and jazz training with local sax guru, Roger Garrood, Matt entered the illustrious world of LIVE MUSIC, playing sax and keyboards with various bands

Early 1993, Matt's life changed. His flat mate left an acoustic guitar lying around tuned to open slide tuning. Feeling a little bored; he picked it up and gave it a twang! 10 months later he came runner up in the 1994 KOSMIC MUSIC GUITAR SOLO CHAMPIONSHIPS (WA), walking away with $2000 in prize money. No one could quite believe that Matt had only been playing for 10 months and that he scored a place in a major guitar competition.


Everything about Matt Corcoran's slide playing is exceptionally unique. He plays lap steel slide sitting down, strums the guitar like Jeff Healy, and plays over the neck (not under the neck like most slide players) This produces a distinctly original sound which is filled with tones and harmonics not usually associated with slide guitar.





2002 - Blues Awards "Best New Male Talent"

2003 - Nominated for "People's Choice" for Australian Blues Music Festival 2003

2003 - Inducted into the Australian Blues Music Festival "Blues Hall of Fame"

2004 - First Official Ambassador of the Australian Blues Music Festival in 2004.


Realizing that in Australia, the only real way to develop a following is to tour, Matt hit the road-full-time, flat-out, and NO FIXED ADDRESS.

Matt Corcoran plays slide guitar on his lap, and drums with his feet. His acoustic guitar is set up to produce an acoustic and electric guitar sound, and is linked to a device that allows Matt to record and loop grooves (live on stage). He loops those groove through another guitar amp and plays along as if it were a backing band. Matt's act is often referred to as the "freaky Little One Man Blues Band!".

"There are no backing tapes, sequencers, or midi discs players, just parts of my playing sampled or recorded and repeated in loops behind my foot drums and lead playing. The effect is quite raw and hypnotic. You can actually see me recording certain things live. I do that with my feet also! ..."

Matt sounds like a cross between John Lee Hooker and Ben Harper, with a lot of RL Burnside, a bit of George Thorogood, parts of Stevie Ray Vaughan, a piece of Bukka White, and snippets of Fred McDowell. All this blended together forms a hypnotic Delta Groove Blues sound that makes you want to dance and tap your feet.

Matt was one of the last remaining touring rural blues-man, playing almost 230 shows a year between 1999 and 2004, a fact that is reflected in his songwriting and attitude to life. All his material is original and Matt delighted his fans with humorous stories and jokes throughout the night to make it a complete and entertaining show.

in a very short time Matt built up an impressive Australia-wide audience. He collected new fans in their droves, delighted the old one's with his new material, and gathered a nice collection of Blues Music awards on the way.

Matt states that his music “integrates the history of the blues, especially its Australian variants, into a progressive, modern sound that is fresh, innovative and above all entertaining”.


Where's Matt Corcoran Now?

Matt Corcoran “retired” in April 2004 after a life-changing experience sent him into a new direction with a grand new purpose. Matt Corcoran now lives in the Sunshine Coast, Qld.



He has huge skills, great potential and is one of the best gigs you’ll see”
Andrew Tucker - The Weekly CD Buyer’s Guide

… expect to be bombarded with searing blues licks that make those renowned ‘Spinal Tap’ scenes of burning guitars come to mind. Matt Corcoran is about rock ‘n’ roll attitude. 
Mixdown, Melbourne

… hard word and serious slide guitar, a sound Corcoran works with ease, both clean and distorted. 
The Age, Melbourne

…. will drop any hard core blues critic with an intensity of natural talent most blues fans are itching to see and hear. Matt has the ability with his instrument to get inside you. 
Darrel Bair, Internet Reviewer

… Matt Corcoran is a gifted songwriter with a surprising, sometimes alarming, turn of phrase…Play this loud in your car at your own risk. You have been warned!…go and see this angry young man! 
Rhythms Magazine, Australia

… You can hear all Corcoran’s emotion embodied in his latest album … Passion flows through his guitar and his vocals. 
Forte Magazine, Geelong

… Matt plays lap slide guitar “harder than your husband” (to Zappa a phrase). So hang on and enjoy the ride! 
The Ghost, 3TR FM, Melbourne

… The overall impression is power and energy to burn and Corcoran’s searing screeching slide guitar dominates throughout. 
BNG, Melbourne 

Matt Corcoran