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Matt Corcoran

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SO LOW BLUES is Matt's third album and was released in March 2002. It features Matt completely solo, and showcases the "freaky little one man blues band" show. This album has the blues flavour of John Lee Hooker, Son House, and Bukka White, with a contemporary blast of rocking Blues Groove Slide Guitar.

This is where Matt plays acoustic slide guitar, electric slide guitar, bass slide guitar, drums, percussion, vocals, backing vocals, and harmonica - ALL AT THE SAME TIME! He does this by means of a device (the little green box!) that records his instruments, live, on stage. Matt can record an acoustic guitar track, add some bass, some drums (real drums), and play electric slide or harmonica over the top. This forms hypnotic blues grooves that are extremely original, very raw, and most importantly...real. The sound that Matt puts out on his own is unbelievably “fat and full”, especially because there is only one guy playing – it’s amazing!

This album was almost 3 years in the making. All songs have been extensively road tested around Australia on Matt's now infamous blues tours.

  1. I'm a Stranger. JL HOOKER
2. Lil Blue Dog. CORCORAN
3. Send Me Your Pillow. JL HOOKER
4. Jiggy Jig (The Irish Jig). CORCORAN
5. Pizza Man. CORCORAN
6. Barked All Night Long (Lil Black Dog). CORCORAN
7. Jackie. CORCORAN
8. Hoochie Coochie Man. W DIXON
9. Hush Hush. JL HOOKER
10. Snuffaluffagas. CORCORAN
11. Harpoon (the harp track). CORCORAN
12. Hobo Blues. JL HOOKER
13. Ain't That Much. CORCORAN
14. You Say You Love Me. CORCORAN
15. Poor Wayfairing Stranger. TRADITIONAL
Matt Corcoran