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Matt Corcoran

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MATT CORCORAN LIVE is Matt Corcoran's long awaited LIVE album featuring "The Freaky Lil One Man Blues Band" where he plays several instruments all at the same time! Recorded LIVE on stage at the Australian Blues Music Festival 2004 (Sat night. Goulburn Workers Club. 1500 people) and Narooma Blues Festival 2003 (the big tent. 2500-3000 people).This album presents an audio snapshot of some of Matt's best and most memorable Blues Festival performances. The vibe on this album is absolutely amazing with 2000 to 3000 people cheering, dancing and singing.

This is Matt at his best - live, raw, loud, and real, special guests Chris Wilson on harmonica and backed by Benny Owen and Phil King on djembe (the big bongo) and percussion. All the tracks on this album are live and represent the songs that were most requested, most danced too and most often asked to be added to a LIVE album.

  1. Angola Bound. Traditional. 4:33
2. You Say You Love Me. CORCORAN. 4:02
3. Ring Me In The Afternoon. CORCORAN. 5:14
4. Jiggy Jig (The Irish Jig). CORCORAN. 4:02
5. I Saw My Princess. CORCORAN. 3:14
6. I Changed My Mind. CORCORAN. 5:08
7. Pizza Man. CORCORAN. 6:22
8. Bundaberg Rum. CORCORAN. 3:40
9. Cried Last Night. CORCORAN. 5:27
10. Can Of Tuna & Chilli Sauce. CORCORAN. 3:56
THE CROWD. the amazing crowd vibe of this LIVE album
Matt Corcoran