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Matt's first album "240km/h"
This album was an outstanding and innovative tribute to the slide guitar. Not just a blues album but also a progressive solo album, it showcased Matt Corcoran not only as a slide player, but also an accomplished harmonica player, sax player, and song writer.
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Matt’s second album, "Angry Young Man"
This album showed Matt Corcoran to be an accomplished vocalist and demonstrated a maturing of his guitar talents. He has also spent time working on his songwriting, refining it and producing a distinctive and emphatic style.
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Matt's third album "So Low Blues"
This album was released in March 2002. It features Matt Corcoran totally solo, and showcased the "Freaky Little One Man Blues Band". There is where Matt plays several instruments at once as well as drums and percussion with his feet.
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Matt's fourth album "LIVE"
This album was Matt Corcoran's long awaited LIVE album featuring "The Freaky Lil One Man Blues Band" and contains a hand-picked selection of live tracks from Matt's own personal archive of LIVE recordings.
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