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Matt Corcoran

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ANGRY YOUNG MAN is Matt's second album and is ball breaking, 3-piece, rock blues tribute to the slide guitar...with some clever song writing and witty lyrics. It features the fantastic blues session band of Robert Dillon and Paul Gadsby.

It is also Matt’s vocal debut, a task that he worked like a pro, and sees a maturing of Matt’s guitar talents and song writing ability. Matt’s “The Angry Young Man Tour of Australia” successfully toured for over 2 years and the songs are still holding up, with many of the crowds favourites being on this album. During this tour Matt has sold thousands of copies of "Angry Young Man", and it is still selling strong. You won't be disappointed

  1. Gunna wanna (tie me up). CORCORAN
3. Angry Young Man. CORCORAN
4. House of the Rising Sun. TRADITIONAL
5. Why judge me?. CORCORAN/GADSBY
6. Learning to live. CORCORAN/GADSBY
7. lil' blue collar boy. CORCORAN
8. Hard rock blues. CORCORAN/GADSBY
9. Shoulda Coulda Woulda.
10. Love me no more. CORCORAN/GADSBY
11. Tanya. CORCORAN
12. New tattoo. CORCORAN/GADSBY
13. I wanna go home. CORCORAN
14. #98. CORCORAN
15. Arooogaah. CORCORAN
Matt Corcoran