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Matt Corcoran

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240 Km/H is Matt's first album and it gets its title from being flat out, hard rock blues, guitar instrumental, mayhem. It features a fairly awesome line-up of session musicians such as Geordie Leach (Rose Tattoo), Geoff Achison, Tim Neal, Paul Williamson, Toni Attard, John Moon, and Elle Walker.

Matt sings on a couple of tracks with the fantastic Elle Walker doing most of the main vocal work. The album is flat out (hence the title) and filled with screaming slide guitar gymnastics. Matt also plays harp, sax, and keyboards on the CD. Hang on and enjoy the ride!

  1. They're here. CORCORAN
2. Surf monsters. CORCORAN
3. Can't sing. CORCORAN
4. No! ... It's wrong. CORCORAN
5. Daddy died. CORCORAN
6. 3 1/2 hours later. CORCORAN
7. Public service round-a-bout. CORCORAN
8. Plinka plinka. CORCORAN
9. Sunday morning. CORCORAN
10. 240 Kmh. CORCORAN
11. On Angels wings. CORCORAN
12. Jewel. CORCORAN
14. C-harp Boogie. CORCORAN
15. Get Johnny. CORCORAN
Matt Corcoran